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Track the cost and impact of all your Provisions and Resources.

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How much time do you lose?

- Identifying Needs

- Allocating Provisions & Resources

- Tracking Cost, Attainment & Progress

- Analysing & Reporting Impact

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Makes this...



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Provision Tracker – Track the cost and impact of Provisions and Resources.

Provision Tracker is a web-based tool that enables educational establishments to Identify, Allocate, Track and Report the cost and impact of provisions and resources on the progress and attainment of young people simply and effectively.

Access data in just a few clicks…

Our simple user interface makes it easy to access the data your require when you require it.


Developed specifically to meet the demands of new legislation…

The new Code of Practice for SEN and the Children’s and Families Bill are now upon us. Provision Tracker enables leaders in Education to meet their new statutory responsibilities for young people 0-25 years. Legislation places clear responsibilities on schools and Local Authorities to monitor, evaluate and plan the development of educational provision for young people with diverse needs, increase access for disadvantaged groups, secure the entitlement of all 0-25yr olds and raise achievement and standards. Provision Tracker is a simple web based tool that speeds up this process. It is designed from the ground up to enable schools to focus on ensuring that resources and support are allocated effectively and efficiently to groups and individuals, as well as accurately tracking impact.